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Autoglym Leather Care Balm 500ml

Leather Care Balm is a carefully blended emulsion containing soaps, natural oils and polymeric surface proofing agents which nourish, moisturise, and provide protection from marks and staining. Regular light treatment will preserve the natural appearance and characteristics of automotive and motorcycle leather, with the added benefit of easy cleaning and ongoing spill protection.

Extremes of hot and cold weather along with air conditioning can take their toll on your leather interior. Leather Care Balm is primarily a feeder and protectant for use on clean or pre-cleaned leather. Although designed to be very hard wearing, certain leathers can dry out over time and may crack. Leather Care Balm ensures that your leather has the oils it requires, without leaving any unnatural gloss, sticky or greasy surface residues but a natural matt finish.

Leather Care Balm is also suitable for use on motorcycle leathers.

Soiled leather should first be cleaned with Autoglym Leather Cleaner.

Use Leather Care Balm twice a year, or following Leather Cleaner to keep your leather supple and crack free. In warmer climates you may require Leather Care Balm more often.

Pro Tip: Always use leather cleaner first to ensure Leather Care Balm can fully absorb into a clean dry surface.

Not suitable for use on household leather.

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Bottle Size 500ml

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