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Autoglym Paint Renovator 325ml

Autoglym Paint Renovator is an abrasive paint restorer. The use of any abrasive polish on automotive paintwork should always be restricted to the correction of specific problems such as scratches or oxidation. Automotive paintwork is extremely thin and every time the surface is renovated using abrasive compounds some of the paint is removed. Most original finishes are tougher on the outer surface than the underneath layers. The outer layer should therefore be preserved as far as possible.

We recommend you always try Autoglym Super Resin Polish first as it may rectify your problem without undue paint removal. If additional treatment is required, Autoglym Paint Renovator contains exceptionally fast working abrasives to give a rapid but controllable cutting and polishing action. It contains no silicone and will remove light scratches and oxidation.

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Bottle Size 325ml

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