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Flexipads PRO-Detail 6" White Light Polishing Pad

PRO-detail foams feature a grooved surface with hexagonally cut paths, designed to retain compound, and provide an incredibly even finish. These pads have been developed using the finest foam available, and the latest in pad construction, for superior results. The face of the foam pad is wider than the backing pad, offering a 1" protector, which means that you'll never damage the surface of your paint with the backing pad.

PRO-detail pads are constructed with different density foams, and the various colours represent different cutting capabilities. These pads are ideal for achieving the best results from your products. These 6" pads also feature a recessed velour, allowing the backing pad to sit into the foam to protect it from scratching your work surface.

Features and Benefits:

  • Premium quality foam
  • Hexagonal design for even distribution of product
  • Suitable for use with all machine polishers
  • Longer lasting and more durable that generic polishing pads
  • Unique patented systems delivers a safer pad with less vibration


Availability: In Stock

Pad Size 6" / 150mm

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